Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi All,
Aaahh, Spring break has arrived. It's really nice knowing I don't have to rush home from work to do homework this week. We're halfway there!
We've added a link titled Social Science Research Network. The title of the article is: "Federal Student Loan Repayment Assistance for Public Interest Lawyers and Other Employees of Governments and Nonprofit Organizations".
Thought it would be worth sharing.

I am learning more and more about The Beatles and it has truly been incredibly interesting! Hard work, nonetheless, but that's ok.
My other class (I'm taking 2) is Photography and Social Movement. Awesome class as well. We've been reviewing some heartwrenching photographs and it certainly takes a toll on one. Getting to know the photographers is equally as important, I think.

Ok, signing off for now. Enjoy break! Ready to sign up for summer/fall classes??

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

spring break is soon

Here I am trying to encourage other midlifers to return to school yet I'm wanting to note that spring break is soon! Granted, I, unlike my daughter, will NOT be vacationing somewhere during break... I will be breathing for a day or two, then will be hoping that my instructors may just post the following week's homework a few days early just so I can get a jump start. Sure, I may think that's what I'll do now but when it comes right down to it, well, I may just procrastinate like usual. :) I'll let you know!